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Personal EMS training @ Chidlom, Bangkok

(EMS = Electro Muscular Stimulation)

Smartfit20® combines Personal Training with German EMS-Technology, this full-body workout will give your muscles a deeper, more effective contractions in a friction of the time, compared to conventional training.

20 Minutes of EMS Training = equal hours of conventional exercise!

German licenced Headcoach

We are licensed by "GluckerKolleg" the leading German EMS education centre.

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Fit, Firm & Shape your body more efficent and faster than ever!

Let us help you:

Reduce bodyfat
Improve overall fitness
Reduce cellulite
Tighten connective tissue
Boost collagen production

All fitness level and body typ's.
Tailored training ranges from easy isometric exercise to dynamic more challanging movements.
(far less strenuous than the average gym workout)

Get and stay Fit, Strong and Vital to master daily tasks with ease!

Let us help you:

Improve overall fitness
Relief back pain efficent
Alleviate osteoporosis
Maintain and strengthen muscle mass
Prevent muscle atrophy
Prevent thrombosis
Balance and coordination

All with no risk of injury as our training not require weights and a personal trainer ensure correct movements.

EMS training for effective recovery from injury and back & joint pain relief.

Let us help you:

Recover faster from injury
Relief back pain
Build and re-gain muscle after injury
Strengthen muscle to support joints
Relaxe muscle spasms

Without the need of weights, slow isometric movements and ativation of deep laying muscle fibers EMS is the perfect tool for rehab and pain relief.

Boost your sportive Performance and gym results!

by adding SmartFit20 EMS to your trainings routine

And let us help you:

Strengthen and build up muscles
Gain speed and endurance
Reduce bodyfat
Train intramuscular coordination
Improve power and balance

Train sport specific movements combined with EMS-Technology, and improve your performance in several sports like: cycling, golf, running, boxing and more.

Experience the efficiency of SmartFit20 EMS Personal Training.

!!SPECIAL OFFER: 1st personal Training session for only Thb 500.- (value of 2500.-)

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#SmartFit Suit

During our training, you will wear a special EMS underwear and suit, which is developed and produced by XBODY

The device is using low-frequency impulses and stimulates all major muscle groups in once. (>95% muscle activation)

EMS reaches deep laying muscle fibers and address FT- and ST-muscle fibers in the same time.

The impulses cause the muscles to contract, in an more intensive and efficient way as during normal exercise, which gives you better and faster results with minimum effort and no harm or stress on your joints and back.

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Get an impression how your ems training at our private Studio basically will look like,
how it works and what your benefits will be.
Training Impressions @ SmartFit20


in the heart of Bangkok @ Soi Chidlom

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Experience the efficiency of SmartFit20 EMS Personal Training.

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