SmartFit 20- Bangkok, Programs (relief back pain, build muscle, weight loss, slim up, lose bodyfat)

Reduce Bodyfat / Weight loss

Muscles have a high metabolic rate. Because we stimulate all of them, it changes your metabolism and the way your body burns calories. EMS is a very effective tool for weight loss and fat elimination, the body shaping effects can be verified after just a few sessions of personal ems training.

One single EMS - session burns up to 500 calories. Because of the intense muscle stimulation, the body continues to burn calories after the session and in the 48 hours following EMS - training you can burn up to 1,500 calories. Metabolic - Training at SmartFit20® is a great way to reduce bodyfat, lose weight and your waistline. Our licensed EMS specialists will develop a dedicated program to maximize calorie burning and help you reach your goals.

Our EMS personal training will gives you a perfect solution for your weight loss goals, also as you of course know, Nutrition is a major player in losing weight goals, anyhow if you are currently holding your weight with your actual nutrition habbits, our training will give you a great results in this matter.
To further speed up and multiply your weight loss results, we are pleased to help you with advice, either with easy adjustable new habits, or if you wish so, with an detailed nutrition advice and planning.
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Build strenght and muscle

As many studies show, EMS is a very effective tool for increase strenght and muscle mass gain, significantly more effective than conventional training. EMS stimulates 95% of all muscles and provides more intense and deeper contractions, as compared to a normal voluntary contraction, so you can achieve muscle related goals faster with minimum time input. Our trainer adjust the intensity individual for every muscle and avoid muscle imbalance injuries.

Reduce cellulite / tight and smooth skin

Our Program treats more than the skin’s surface, it provides a deep stimulating solution.

EMS training increases the blood flow to your muscles and skin, which stimulates collagen production in your body, as well prevents and improves cellulite by tightening the connective tissue. It also increases the lympathic drainage, which acts as your personal cleaner as it picks up, filters and cleans fluids, cell wastes, viruses and bacteria.

Benefits you can expect:

• increasing lympathic drainage
• enhancing blood circulation
• stimulate collagen production

Improve Posture / Relief back pain and office syndrom

As of digitalization and increased work on office desks, as well decreasing physical activity, problems with posture and back complains getting more and more in modern times.

One effective way to improve this situation is to train and strengthen your muscles supporting your spiral. As this muscles are usually difficult to train and to reach with conventional tarinigs excersie, our suits contain several electrodes for the spinal column, to stimulate these rarely trained and difficult to reach muscles. Meaning your muscles get stronger, which leads to better posture and pain relief.

Proven effects from studies of back training using EMS: 88% of participants significantly reduced their level of back pain!
After just two training sessions, 20% were pain free, and 50% after six weeks.
Whole body EMS training combats back and neck pain – an extremely widespread condition – in a very effective way. It achieves both therapeutic and preventative goals.

Post Pregnancy and Incontinence Problems

Getting back into shape after pregnancy can be a difficult journey and EMS is one of the fastest ways to achieve the results you want in the safest, most effective way.
The SmartFit20 team will guide you through a tailored programm to target those stubborn areas and activate muscles that can be hard to reach with conventional training.

Incontinence problems (particularly stress urinary incon tinence) and pelvic floor weaknesses are a widespread issue for women – according to official statistics, one in four women are affected and some experts even estimate it to be two thirds of women! Pregnancy, obesity and intensive pelvic loads work in its favor. Studies show that the symptoms erased by approx. 75 % after just 6 weeks of EMS training, because of the great strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles.

Improve Performance

Athletes bodybuilder and sports professionals benefit from a huge improvement in strength, speed and endurance - with minimum time input. A complete new training dimension opens up, which is why EMS is gaining importance in professional sports. Usain Bolt (“fastest man in the world”), Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) and many football teams from the German Bundesliga are using EMS in addition to their training. Bring your training to the next level!