We are powered by X-Body, the most advanced EMS equipment in the market.

# X-Body Actiwave

XBody Actiwave is the next step in the evolution of EMS solutions. It is the first and only EMS training device in the world that is simultaneously capable of wired and wireless training.

XBody Actiwave was developed to having the freedom to do any training methods. Be it wired personal training, wireless Group Training, functional, sport specific, indoor or outdoor training, Actiwave is still the only EMS device capable to fit all these training methods.

# 12 channels (Muscle Groups)

Additional to the common used 10 channels in the market, our device also gives us the option to train shoulders and caves and overall enables us to stimulate over 95% of muscle mass in once.

# Wireless training

X-body Actiwave is a wireless EMS solution, which enables our clients to move and perform an unlimited variety of exercise freely and without taking care of, or worry about of the wire attached.